When it comes to the cloud, agencies across the federal government are hyper-focused on the path to get there. Technology teams work with service providers building roadmaps to retire legacy technology and migrate their apps and data to a private, public, or hybrid cloud environment, meeting Cloud First mandates.

But what happens when you are there?

Federal technology teams are experts at monitoring their on-prem data and systems. The importance of monitoring doesn’t change when you are in the cloud. In fact, not continuing your monitoring protocols can have significant impact on your budget and drive-up your cloud usage costs.

Sirius Federal’s Bridge to the Cloud approach offers federal agencies a comprehensive, long-term plan to migrate successfully to a multi-cloud environment. Our approach also includes what to do once you are there to ensure your applications are running optimally in your new cloud environment and remain secure from threats.

Do you have visibility into your physical or virtual data center?

NetApp OnCommand Insight is a single solution to enable cross-domain, multi-vendor resource management and monitoring across on-prem systems and cloud resources. With enhanced troubleshooting, find IT issues right away before they become bigger problems. NetApp OnCommand Insight ensures you’ll meet your SLAs every time.



Not continuing monitoring protocols when migrating the cloud can have a significant impact on agency budgets and compromise performance. We compiled industry tips and tricks to help federal agencies monitor their new cloud environment.



Sirius Federal’s Bridge to the Cloud methodology walks you through each step of the migration process, from overcoming barriers, to preparing your legacy apps to operate effectively in the cloud, to testing your apps once they are there to ensure they are working as they should. Our approach includes what to look for once you are in the cloud to unsure you are using your new platform effectively, getting the most out of your cloud environment. Learn more about our approach and how we support your cloud migration and monitoring efforts in our eBook.


Every step in the cloud migration process takes time and resources. We can help. Sirius Federal is an IT solutions provider that has worked with the federal government providing IT solutions and services for over 25 years. We can work with you agency through every step of the migration process, including training IT teams to ensure success in the cloud through migration and beyond.

As a NetApp Star Partner, we can offers the resources and expertise you need to design, deploy, and monitor your their data center environments using NetApp technology, including NetApp OnCommand Insight.

Contact us today to discuss your cloud migration questions and needs. Even if you’ve already started, we can help your agency achieve success.